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Latest from PLP - Interdistrict Pakistan Literacy Project teams visit (29th - 30th Nov)

The Interdistrict Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP) took a significant stride towards collaborative learning and improvement during the recent visit of the Bahawalpur PLP team to Lahore partner schools on the 29th and 30th of November.

Highlights of the Visit:

The Bahawalpur PLP team visited the libraries of partner schools in Lahore. They explored the available resources and infrastructure, gaining valuable insights into different approaches to promoting literacy. The team engaged in fruitful interactions with school principals, teachers, and students. This direct engagement provided an opportunity to understand the local context and the unique challenges faced by each school. The visit included observing ongoing reading activities in Lahore partner schools. The Bahawalpur PLP team actively participated by conducting reading activities. Both the Bahawalpur and Lahore PLP teams convened for an interactive meeting. The teams shared successful strategies, discussed challenges faced, and brainstormed innovative solutions. This exchange of ideas aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of literacy programs in both districts.

The collaborative nature of interdistrict visits was evident as the teams shared best practices, successes, and lessons learned. Such interactions foster a culture of continuous improvement and inspire innovative approaches to literacy promotion. The Bahawalpur PLP team’s visit to Lahore not only strengthened the bond between the districts but also gave the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences which¬† contributed to the collective growth of the Interdistrict Pakistan Literacy Project.

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Establishment of Libraries

PLP has established child-friendly Library rooms in 24 primary schools (12 in Bahawalpur and 12 in Lahore) and the establishment of classroom library corners in 10 more schools (05 in Bahawalpur and 05 in Lahore).

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