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Book Production and Publishing (BPP)

Overview of the process:


The process of the Book Production and Publishing provides insights into the series of workshops organized by the Pakistan Literacy Project to create and publish 15 storybooks for children. These workshops, including the Book Development Workshop, Writers’ Workshop, and Illustrators’ Workshop, aim to develop high-quality children’s literature in the Urdu language. Sponsored by Room to Read (RtR) and facilitated by the Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), these workshops bring together talented writers, illustrators, editors, and publishers to create engaging and educational storybooks.

Book Development Workshop (BDW):
The Book Development Workshop served as the foundation for the process. Participants from different parts of Pakistan, including new and young as well as experienced writers, illustrators, editors, and art editors, attended the workshop. The objective was to introduce the principles of producing high-quality storybooks for children. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Mahesh Pathirathna of RtR, was facilitated by Ms. Rumana Husain of ITA.

Writers' Workshop

This workshop aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of the concepts and process of writing children’s storybooks. Writers were expected to present two initial drafts of their stories and refine them during the workshop, incorporating feedback from the workshop leaders as well as the other participants. The ultimate goal was to produce one draft from each writer.

After the Writers’ Workshop, on May 18, 2023, a meeting was organized with the reviewers from the Punjab Curriculum and Text Book Board, Directorate of Curriculum Assessment and Research Sindh, Sindhi Language Authority, and The National Curriculum Council Pakistan. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss possible corrections and improvements that could be made to the draft stories.

During the meeting, Ms. Rumana Husain, the facilitator of the workshops, engaged in a fruitful discussion with the reviewers. The reviewers provided valuable feedback on each of the draft stories, sharing their remarks and suggestions for improvement. The meeting served as an opportunity to gather expert opinions and insights, ensuring that the stories meet the required standards and align with the educational objectives.

Following the meeting, the feedback provided by the reviewers was conveyed to the respective writers and editors. quality of the storybooks.

By incorporating the reviewers’ feedback, the process of BPP strives to create stories that are engaging, educational, and aligned with the curriculum requirements. This collaborative effort will contribute to the development of high-quality children’s literature in Urdu.

Illustrators' Workshop

The Illustrators’ Workshop brought together fifteen selected illustrators, along with art editors, text editors, and focal persons from the three selected publishers, i.e. the National Book Foundation, Alif Laila Book Bus Society, and Maqbool Academy. Led by Mr. Mahesh Pathirathna and facilitated by Ms. Rumana Husain, it aimed to provide illustrators with the necessary imaginative skills to create exceptional illustrations for picture books. Participants engaged in character studies, detailed storyboarding, and rough drawings for cover design. The workshop aimed to generate storyboards from each illustrator.

Collaboration and Stakeholders:
The workshops were made possible through collaboration between ITA and RtR. The three selected publishers played a crucial role in bringing these storybooks to life.

Upcoming Steps:
After the successful completion of the three workshops, the book development process is progressing towards achieving several milestones. The timeline for the subsequent stages is as follows:

  1. Print-Ready Text and Illustrations: By July, 2023 the editors, illustrators and art editors will complete their work for the storybooks, preparing them to be print-ready. This stage involves refining the artwork and ensuring it aligns with the vision and themes of each story.
  2. Design and Layout and preparation of Dummy Books:  August marks the preparation of dummy books, which are mock-ups that resemble the final printed books. The dummies provide a preview of the book’s layout, design, and overall presentation.
  3. Field Testing: The field testing of the dummy books is scheduled to be completed by late August. This process involves distributing the dummies to children, educators, and other relevant stakeholders for feedback and evaluation.
  4. Approval and Sign-off by Room to Read: By the end of August, the files of all 15 storybooks will be submitted to Room to Read (RtR) for approval. RtR will review the books to ensure they meet the required standards and align with the project’s objectives. Once approved, the books will be signed off for printing.
  1. Print-Ready Books: A print-ready format will be ready by the end of September 2023. Writers and text editors will finalize the content, ensuring it meets the required standards for publication.
  1. Printing: The printing of the books is expected to commence soon after receiving the go-ahead from RtR by the end of September or early October. This stage involves the actual production of the physical copies of the storybooks, including cover printing, binding, and quality control processes.

The project aims to adhere to this timeline to ensure that the 15 storybooks for children are completed and ready for distribution in a timely manner. These books will contribute to the educational efforts in Pakistan, providing children with engaging and enriching literature.


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