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Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP) 15 New Books for Children - A Room to Read-ITA Collaboration with Three Publishers of Pakistan

Brief synopses of the Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP) 15 New Books for Children A Room to Read-ITA Collaboration with Three Publishers in Pakistan.

PLP Books
PLP Books
Alif Laila Book Bus

Alif Laila Book Bus Society

Ramu kahan Gaya (Where did Ramu go)
Writer: Shabnum Gul
Illustrator: Amna Kazmi
Publisher: Alif Laila Book Bus Society

When Ramu goes missing, Bhavna’s family and friends launch a frantic search in different areas, asking people for any information. As the day wanes, Bhavna encounters the camel man, who provides comfort and advises her to go home. To her delight, upon returning, she discovers Ramu safe and sound, stressing the importance of seeking help from others when in need. Set in the Tharparkar desert region, this story offers a rare glimpse into the lives of a minority community in Pakistan, filling a gap in children’s literature.


Anokhi Party (A Unique Party)
Writer: Marzieh Abbas
Illustrator: Munira Zohair
Publisher: Alif Laila Book Bus Society

Sara and Sarmad eagerly race to their favorite food cart in the bustling bazaar. They order bhelpuri, their beloved snack, but as they wait, the ingredients in the dish come alive, creating a lively scene. Despite the children’s impatience, the bhelpuri is eventually ready, and the children express their delight. They appreciate the vendor’s skill and declare his snack the best in town, teaching us the value of patience and appreciation.


Dhoondo Dhoondo Sohni Dharti (In Search of the Beautiful Land)
Writer: Syeda Basarat Kazim
Illustrator: Shazia Mirza
Publisher: Alif Laila Book Bus Society

In this tale, a potato and a white brinjal flee from judgmental colored brinjals at the vegetable market. They seek the Beautiful Land, where everyone lives in harmony. Despite facing challenges, they reach their destination, bringing magic to the land. The story teaches the power of acceptance, resilience, and unity in a world where differences can flourish beautifully.


Hai! Kaisay Hansaoon (Oh how do I make her laugh)
Writer: Sheheryar Kachelo
Illustrator: Ayesha Tariq
Publisher: Alif Laila Book Bus Society

Ismail warmly welcomes his baby sister Zara into his life, hoping to be her friend. Despite his best efforts to make her laugh, he faces disappointment. Then, one day, while seeking his mother’s help and accidentally falling on a toy, Zara bursts into uncontrollable laughter. Ismail learns that being himself is what brings joy to his sister, strengthening their sibling bond and teaching us the importance of authenticity in relationships.


Paitu Makkhi (The Glutton Fly)
Writer: Dr. Kanwal Ali
Illustrator: Sana Afridi
Publisher: Alif Laila Book Bus Society

A young fly, known for her love of food, joins her friends and grandmother on an outing. While exploring, she falls into a bowl of honey. Her grandmother and friends come to her rescue, creating a hand ladder to help her out and clean the honey from her wings and legs. One of her friends even discovers the delicious taste of honey. The story emphasizes the value of team work and trying new experiences, but at the same time using caution.

National Book Foundation

Rung Barangay Daant (Colorful Teeth)
Writer: Rakhshanda Naveed
Illustrator: Mishal Khan
Publisher: National Book Foundation

In this delightful story,  oung Mani loses his baby teeth, and he dreams of  is new teeth being as colorful as his pencils.  Torn between white and colored teeth, he explores  his choices. In  the end, he decides to use his colored pencils to illustrate the endless possibilities before him,  illustrating the power of creativity and imagination in decision making.

Rang Barangay Danat

Jasoos Uqaab (Detective Hawk)
Writer: Maqsooda Bhatti
Illustrator: Maria Riaz
Publisher: National Book Foundation

Mama Mynah’s missing eggs cause distress. Detective Hawk finds out that bear cubs took them to have egg-hatching friends. When the  birds learn of the cubs’ intentions, they decide that future hatchlings will be friends with the cubs, emphasizing understanding, kindness, and unity among creatures.

Jasoos Uqaab (Detective Hawk)

Badaam say Kishmish tuk (Almonds to Raisins)
Writer: Raj Mohammad Afridi
Illustrator: Marria Khan
Publisher: National Book Foundation

Ali’s father took him to the market and gave him money to buy what he liked while he shopped for household items. Amidst the captivating bazaar and various enticing items. Ali chose dried nuts and fruits, enticed by their health benefits and taste. His father also used some of these snacks in the rice pudding, kheer, which he prepared, reaffirming the value of healthy choices and challenging stereo-typical gender roles about cooking at home.

Badaam say Kishmish tuk (Almonds to Raisins)

Yeh Awaaz kahan say Aaee (Where did this sound come from)
Writer: Naeem Fatima Alavi
Illustrator: Mohammad Waris
Publisher: National Book Foundation

Unable to afford a whole egg for each of her children, their mother sliced one egg into three pieces for breakfast. With their friend’s help, the siblings received a surprise gift of eggs that eventually hatched into adorable chicks, teaching them the value of sharing and the joy of unexpected kindness.

Yeh Awaaz kahan say Aaee (Where did this sound come from)

Writer: Obien Mayo
Illustrator: Maryam Shehzadi
Publisher: National Book Foundation

In this charming story, we meet Chutki, a monkey with a garden full of fruit trees, yet she only eats bananas. When her bananas start teasing her by jumping off the tree, Chutki embarks on a delightful adventure that teaches her the joy of trying new things. This tale underscores the importance of open-mindedness and appreciating life’s diverse and delicious offerings.

maqbool books

Maqbool Books

Oon ka Jadu (Enchanted Woolen Threads)
Writer: Farah Shah
Illustrator: Abeer Kasiri
Publisher: Maqbool Books

During the Spring festival of Nauroz, Hawwa receives a lamb from her mother, and they become close friends. Hawwa discovers the value of sheep’s wool and the art of making warm coats. When
winter arrives, she proudly wears her favorite woolen jacket, sharing the season with her beloved lamb, Shalai. This story not only highlights the importance of learning and resourcefulness but also opens a window in the remote mountainous region of Chitral in Pakistan, adding a valuable resource in children’s literature.


Writer: Dr. Tahira Arshed
Illustrator: Umair Safdar
Publisher: Maqbool Books

Rabia, a young girl, secretly plants a lemon tree in her family’s mango garden from the seed she has named ‘Beeju’. Her choice is eventually revealed to her parents, who initially question it. However, Rabia persuades them with the benefits of lemons, showcasing her independent thinking and hard work. The story highlights Rabia’s wisdom and her successful efforts in growing the lemon tree, while they still enjoy the delicious mangoes.


Kahan Gaeen (Where did they Go)
Writer: Mona Azhar
Illustrator: Wajiha Rafay
Publisher: Maqbool Books

In their new home with a mango tree, a family experiences a string of mysterious thefts of small
items. Their worry intensifies as the thief remains unidentified. Ultimately, they uncover the unexpected culprit: a playful crow in the mango tree, collecting the items for its nest. This story
teaches the value of understanding and empathy when solving mysteries.


Katran Kahani (The Gift of Scraps)
Writer: Humera Tehsin
Illustrator: Afshan Naz
Publisher: Maqbool Books

In this heartwarming story, Sara and Ahmad learn the value of conservation and reuse from their
grandmother, Nano Bi. She teaches them to repurpose leftover fabric, instilling in them the importance of minimizing waste and embracing sustainability, all while creating something beautiful and practical.


Nadya Paar School (A School across the River)
Writer: Mohammad Shoaib Mirza
Illustrator: Aaisha Mushtaq
Publisher: Maqbool Books

In this rhyming tale, a young bear faces school anxiety but finds comfort in his mother’s embrace.
On his journey towards embarking on a new day of his life, he encounters a welcoming forest community, emphasizing the importance of support and kindness from both family and new


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