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Orientation of CLC staff on Ideal Books Selection

30-09-2020 @ Children Library Complex, Lahore

Moderated by: Sonia Javed (Project Manager-PLP)

Participants from Children Library Complex

Sr. No.




Qamar Shahzad

Incharge, Computer section


Safia Rehman



Khadija Nisar



Sana Adil

Speech Therapist


Fariha Akbar

Inc. Toy and Hobby Section


Objective of the Activity

Core of this exercise / orientation session was to inculcate CLC staff on “Ideal books selection” its aim and objectives.

Expected outcome: Participant will be able to understand core concept of ideal book definition, its characteristics, and genres so that they play active role regarding selection of ideal books for PLP project.

Session Methodology:

Methodology adopted for training session was plenary, brain storming and group discussion.


Session started with the recitation as one of the participants recited some verses from the holy Quran.

Thereafter, participants were moderated to introduce themselves. Moderator (Sonia Javed) put light on the core objective of the orientation session. She delivered a multimedia presentation on the “Ideal Books Selection” to add into the knowledge and skills of participants. They key contents of the presentation covered the following’

  • What is mean by Ideal Books?
  • What type of books children want to read?
  • Difference between mirror books and window books.
  • What is meant by Genres, types of genres?
  • Characteristics of a good book.
  • How to do book leveling?

Post training Results:

Participants had quite positive feedback about the session. The claimed contents of the training as quite informative and comprehensive, which will help them during ideal book selection exercise too.

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