Pakistan Literacy Project

Capacity Building in Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP)

Two Core Strands of Capacity Building & An Emergent Third Strand

The Capacity Building section of the Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP) prioritizes empowering individuals and institutions with the knowledge and skills essential for fostering literacy and education across Pakistan through child friendly libraries and interactive reading activities.

PLP’s  commitment to building capacity is reflected in the comprehensive programs and workshops designed to equip various stakeholders with the tools they need for success.

1. Managing Active Libraries Reading & Literacy

For the establishment of active libraries and management following workshops/trainings are offered

Target Groups:

2. Book Production and Publishing Capacity Building

A series of workshops are organized by the PLP to create and publish storybooks for children. These workshops  aim to develop high-quality children’s literature in the local languages. Sponsored by Room to Read (RtR) and facilitated by the Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), these workshops bring together talented writers, illustrators, editors, and publishers to create engaging and educational storybooks.

**Copyright and licensing logistics with all publishers and associated creators aligned with Room to Read established practices

3. Training Head Teachers/ Librarians/ Teachers on active libraries and the use of 28 distributed books 2023 by Team PLP

Annex: Training –Capacity Building – Core Targets & Beyond Targets –by PLP District Teams

Trainees #  &  Schools Reached #


Need help? Call our support team at (+92) (42) 35711107-9

Establishment of Libraries

PLP has established child-friendly Library rooms in 24 primary schools (12 in Bahawalpur and 12 in Lahore) and the establishment of classroom library corners in 10 more schools (05 in Bahawalpur and 05 in Lahore).

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